Welcome to Blue Shift!

Blue Shift Entertainment is an independent company run by a small group of creative individuals with a background in film, media, and design.

BSE’s mission is to create a diverse array fun and interactive projects for the sole purpose of entertainment. Serial narrative web-content, smartphone games, table top and card games – no medium is off the table.

We are story tellers and designers looking to bring cool ideas to life!

Catching Calvin!

Catching Calvin is a family-friendly asymmetrical cooperative board game that’s easy to learn and play, whether you are 9 or 99!

Hammered Heroes

Hammered Heroes is a battle card game that is great for any gaming night. Why waste time with friends playing silly games like quarters or king’s cup, when you could play something with a little more brains, and a lot more treachery?

Hammered Heroes is a great way to introduce new friends to tabletop gaming and experienced gamers will find plenty to love as well. Optional drinking rules turn the game into a real debacle. Take it with you to your favorite pub or get together.

Robot Rundown

“Robot Rundown” is an 8-bit, side-scrolling shooter-style game based on the award-winning Sci-Fi comedy series, “Transolar Galactica”. It will test your skills like no other as you battle your way through 10 levels of retro shooting action.